Service Learning Reflection #2

  1. At my placement I have been assisting the teacher in her first grade classroom. I originally was assigned two students to tutor through the Taylor Reading Corps but because of scheduling these service hours with my classes and work she allowed me to stay in the classroom to get more hours. In the classroom I still assist with the two children I was assigned but I also help others when they are separated into groups with reading, writing, and math. I help them put sentences together and revisit odd and even numbers. It is more than I had expected to be doing but I wouldn’t have it any differently.
  2. Work has changed only with the adding of responsibility as I mentioned above. I have to do more and get to know more children but it is well worth it. Just today I was also assigned two new students who are in a kindergarten class. With that class I will doing only what I was supposed to in the beginning and that is tutoring them in reading.
  3. The work I do benefits the community because the Taylor Reading Corps purpose is to help young children reach the appropriate reading level. They want to make sure students are at the correct level because it will better them in the future so that when they are in high school they stand a better chance of going to college.
  4. What I have learned about diversity in my experience so far is that people should not judge a book by its cover. I know that’s a cliché line that everyone has heard but so far I have seen it every time I work with these students. Because I went from Detroit Public Schools all my life to transferring to Farmington Hills Public schools half way through high school I heard a lot of negative things about “those black kids in Detroit” and where others thought they stood academically and none of it was true for that matter. But tutoring in Taylor I see it’s not just “us black kids” that people should be concerned about but it’s all types of children from all areas.

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