Reflection #2: Pedagogy of the Oppressed

  1. As a private good, education is seen as designed to prepare individuals for successful social competition for the more desirable market roles. As a public good, education is seen as designed to prepare people for political roles.
  2. Freire means that society has created a culture that implants a negative, suppressed self-perception. It is preserved by society because they are kept ignorant in the educational system.
  3. The quote relates to the Moral and Sociopolitical debt because it is referring to the fact that even all this time after the Brown decision has been made, we are finding ourselves still or reverting back to segregation. Black, Latinos, and native communities are still more a part of schools that tend to be non-White. They are separate and receiving the lesser hand compared to those schools that are considered to be white. After a 50th anniversary we would have expected to see more predominant changes in the educational system.
  4.  The funding disparities that currently exist are leading to an economic debt in our nation’s public schools because separate schooling allows for differential funding. Disparities between urban and suburban present a telling story about the value place on education among different groups of students. 
  5. This quote, even when said with good intentions, spark the “silenced dialogue” because in order for everyone else children and your own to have the same thing they have to start and finish with the same circumstances. They have to come from similar backgrounds and be given the same opportunities. Even though one might say this is what they want they have to consider the fact that yes it would be possible for every child to have the same thing but only if they all are a part of the culture of power. People who do not function with this culture may want for something else because they have a different view on the matter so it isn’t possible for someone to want the same thing for everyone else’s children as they want for their own.

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