Reflection #1 Smith & Sobel

Question #1

The difference between Service Learning and Community Service is not only are you doing something to help the community but you are also helping yourself. You learn from yourself and others whom you work with and this helps uplift both you and them. And everyone ends up more knowledgeable in the end. This meets Wayne State University’s standard by helping us learn how to teach in an urban area and developing curriculum. The course is Becoming and Urban Educator. Seeing how I attended DPS schools majority of my life, it is important to know that school settings do affect the learning going on in that establishment. Not all good and not all bad, a course such as this one can help lean future educators toward the good parts of know how to teach in an urban setting. It helps develop curriculum because we are working hands on with students so we of course need a plan to be set in motion throughout our time with the children we encounter.

Question #2

PCBE is not a one size fits all approach because “all” is the not the same. They do not learn the same or act the same. they do not interpret the same, so it can never be one size fits all. We start of with a local method for a general population but we must break it down and start to mold a different strategy for different types of students just as when they give back what they have learned it will come in various ways, each way customized to that student.

PCBE allows for transformation in students becoming creators of knowledge rather than just consumers of knowledge because it allows for them to adopt the “each one teach one” theory. In a typical classroom knowledge is drilled in students and they are measured my what they remember and can spit back out at the teacher but with PCBE they are not just receiving information, but giving some as well,whether it be a way to do things or a different method learning, they share it and others learn from them as they learn from others. 

Question #3

 Social meliorism is the belief that society and learning improves based on human effort. People like Lester Frank Ward believed that universal and comprehensive public schooling should provide the public with the knowledge a democracy needed to successfully conduct itself. I agree with this, but I believe it would take a lot of effort and educators must be willing to put in the effort for it to work to its best advantage. PCBE is a good example of this theory being put into play.


Service Learning Reflection Prompt #1


My first experience with my service learning site was… informational. The partner I chose was the Taylor Reading Corps (TRC). When I first heard them describe their mission I knew this was the group I wanted to be apart of. They are a volunteer group in Taylor, MI that is dedicated to making sure that by the time a child reaches the 3rd grade each child is at or above the appropriate reading level for their grade. While working with this group I will be assigned a school to attend and tutor two children who are below the expected reading level.


My very first meeting with the organization was training. Everyone who volunteers has to attend a mandatory training where we learn what is expected of us as volunteers. We were given these green bag with all sorts of supplies to help us in tutoring. We are not required to use the bag or its content but its there to aid us if need be.  Things in this bag include items such as: book lists, pencils, stickers, dry erase board, markers, work sheets, etc.  They also have a personal library where volunteers can choose books from in the office. At the training they explained in great detailed all the contents of the bag and talked about their own experiences with TRC.


After training I had to wait two long weeks until finally this past Friday they gave me my school placement. This morning I was able to go to the school that I will be spending my 40 hours (if not more). I had planned on meeting the principle, teachers and students today but unfortunately all but one of the students I was assigned were absent today. I left the principle a message and she called me back and we arranged to meet this upcoming Friday when I will hopefully meet her, the teacher and the other student.


I’m really excited about getting into this because to be able to help children learn to read is all I’ve ever wanted to do. It poses a challenge to know that they are below their reading level and may not even like to read but I accept that challenge because I want to show them that reading can be fun. I’ve always thought as long as you can find the right book you will be able to lose yourself in it and enjoy it very much.

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