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Service Learning Site Observation.

I am working with the Taylor Reading Corps as a volunteer to tutor children with reading. They placed me in Bernice McDowell Elementary School in a firs grade classroom. The school houses K-5 students. Its a long, one floor building with many classrooms, a gym, a lunchroom and a play ground. As I walked around the premises I found that the school is located in a, for the most part, quiet area during the day. The neighborhood is full of single residence homes. In the morning groups of children either walked from the near by homes or were bused in so I don’t know what kind of area all the students come from. The children are very diverse in reference to ethnicity and cultures. Unfortunately all of them are not excelling at the expected reading level which is why the Taylor Reading Corps is volunteering with them and many other schools in Taylor, Michigan. PCBE is already going on with the partnership between TRC and Taylor Public Schools. They students get more resources to help with their literacy and TRC and the Taylor Public School sysytem learn more about how to help the students improve and learn different factors in what are affecting these students and the ability to meet their potential. In addition to what they are already doing they could possibly added on other subject area tutoring sessions to help improve a students success all around. Based on what I am learning I could build relationships with the students and their families by getting to know them and discovering what all affects their learning. This will allow me to help them further their education.